Spend Time In Nature

Stress Relief Tool – Spend Time In Nature

Clinical studies have found that nature can help provide you with much-needed stress relief.

Do you like gardening? Going to the beach? Riding on a bike or a boat? When the dreaded stress bug bites, nature might be calling you. If you are motivated to get out in your yard, go to a local park, or pull out your bike from the garage I applaud you: you already know that nature works wonders on your body and mind to reduce anxiety. And a clinical study backs this up: respondents with a high amount of green space in a three kilometer radius were less affected by stressful life events than respondents with a low amount of green space in their radius.1

However, if you need more group support to get you motivated, then check out meetup.com. I found all my hiking groups here. Those groups helped me get through my divorce because I met people who were willing to listen and provide suggestions while at the same time getting out in nature. It was a real “win-win” for me.

There are groups for all kinds of nature experiences, and for all skill levels. It’s a great place to find new friends and get some much-needed vitamin D. And even if they are only meeting online until the pandemic calms down, you are getting ready for adventures with like-minded people in the future.


  1. Social Science & Medicine – “Green Space as a Buffer Between Stressful Life Events and Health” – Volume 70, Issue 8, April 2010, Pages 1203-1210.

Posted by Professor Pete Alexander

A seasoned professional with over 30 years of Sales and Marketing experience, Pete has battled the negative effects of stress head-on and has developed the LIGHTEN™ stress relief model that motivates his peers to take action and overcome their self-imposed barriers to success using clever yet simple tools and techniques.

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