Reframe Your Fear

Stress Relief Tool – Reframe Your Fear

Learn what the acronym F.E.A.R. is and how to overcome it using a simple process to reduce your stress.

Fear is an emotional response to an actual threat, and it’s a fundamental survival mechanism that dates back to the Stone Age, when survival from predators was of primary concern. Fear is also a true emotional response when we’re about to lose someone or something that’s important to us. And it’s not just about our personal safety: we can fear the loss of a loved one to illness or our home to foreclosure.

The solution to your fear may just be reframing it. Do you know what the acronym F.E.A.R. stands for? False Evidence Appearing Real. It is an illusion, something we fabricate in our own minds that feels real. It’s a fairy tale we tell ourselves that keeps us from doing what we really want.1

The best way to move out of your fear is to get out of your comfort zone and visualize what it would be like to overcome your fear. Is there a clear path to getting there? Ask yourself what you would attempt if you knew you could not fail.2 You might surprise yourself with what your active and unconscious mind comes up with.

If that doesn’t work, try a slightly different approach. Ask yourself, “what is the worst that can happen?” And then follow up with “and then what?” “Okay, and then what?” and “Okay, and then what?” By going through this process of following a line of thought, you may find that the particular fear no longer has a hold on you.3


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