Kindness Matters

Stress Relief Tool – Kindness Matters

When you choose kindness, you will enjoy less stress and more happiness in your life.

A few years ago, IKEA conducted a 30-day study where people were asked to bully one plant and compliment another – using only their words. The end result was amazing – while the complimented plant continued to thrive, the bullied plant was visibly struggling.

Many of us have been bullied a sometime in our life – estimates range from 15-33 percent when we were growing up. Unfortunately, some of that bullying doesn’t stop once we get out of school. It happens in the workplace and also in personal relationships.

Bullying adds unnecessary stress to our lives. If we are the ones being bullied, we will experience a whole range of negative emotions ranging from anger and sadness. If we are the ones who are doing the bullying, this is likely because we are compensating for some insecurity in our lives, and once we realize just how hurtful the bullying can be, we likely will experience guilt over our negative actions.

What if instead of bullying we chose kindness instead? In his book The Kindness Givers’ Formula, Randall McNeely says that when we choose kindness, we:

  • bless the lives of all those to whom we show kindness
  • will experience greater feelings of happiness and hope
  • will have an impact for good and everyone within our sphere of influence and the effects will ripple out from there
  • set in motion the opportunity to restore light, love, unity and peace in our environment, making it a much better, happier place to live.

And when you choose kindness, remember to be kind to yourself as well and enjoy less stress and more happiness along the way.

Image by reneebigelow from Pixabay 

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