Engage Your Senses

Stress Relief Tool – Engage Your Senses

Stamp out stress by engaging one or more of your senses to rapidly calm and energize yourself.

If you are having a stressful day, the speediest way to stamp out stress is by engaging one or more of your senses – your sense of sight, smell, sound, touch or taste – to rapidly calm and energize yourself.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for letting your natural senses help you reduce your stress.

Sense of Sight:

Sense of Smell:

  • Use aromatherapy
  • Light a scented candle
  • Bake your favorite bread, muffins, cake or pie
  • Savor the smell of a fresh cup of tea or coffee
  • Appreciate the aromas of the season, such as pumpkin spice around the holidays

Sense of Sound:

Sense of Touch:

Sense of Taste:

  • Chew your favorite flavor of gum
  • Eat a piece of dark chocolate
  • Sip a hot cup of coffee or tea (this one engages all of your senses at once)
  • Treat yourself to your favorite dessert (within moderation)

So enjoy a little sensory stimulation, and the stress relief that comes with it.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Please note that there is no guarantee a particular stress relief tool will work for you. Thus you must take complete responsibility for using them and for your own physical and emotional wellbeing. Further, Professor Pete Alexander is not a licensed health professional. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of any stress relief technique. Medical advice must only be obtained from a physician or qualified health practitioner.

Posted by Professor Pete Alexander

A seasoned professional with over 35 years of Sales, Marketing, Educational and Entrepreneurial experience, Pete has battled the negative effects of stress head-on and has developed the LIGHTEN™ stress relief model that motivates his peers to better protect their health and handle challenging situations with grace and success.

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