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Stress Relief Tool – Emotional Freedom Technique®

This stress relief technique looks a little crazy, yet its results can be remarkable.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a remarkable healing modality based on the same principles that have been used for thousands of years in acupuncture, but without the needles. When I was going through my divorce, EFT helped me calm down when my ex-wife triggered negative emotions.

While there are different variations that you can see if you search “Brad Yates Tapping” on YouTube, the basic “tapping” process is as follows:

  1. Get in touch with the feeling related to the stressful situation you are dealing with.
  2. Gently tap a part of your body as you say, “I feel (state your emotion) about (identify person or situation). I deeply and completely accept myself.” Keep repeating this as you tap the following locations, this is exact order:
    1. outside of your hand
    2. between your eyebrows
    3. under eye
    4. under nose
    5. mid-chin
    6. collar bone
    7. under arm pit
    8. top of head
  1. Gently grasp your right wrist with your left hand and anchor into a feeling of gratitude by recalling a specific experience for which you are grateful for. Take a deep breath.1

When my therapist first demonstrated EFT to me, I thought it was hokey until I noticed its effectiveness. Don’t judge the process just by what you read or see: give it a try and then decide if it works for you.


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