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Stress Relief Tool – Delegate Important Tasks

If you are going to delegate, do it right. And when you do it right, your stress declines.

The higher up you are in an organization, the more responsibility you have for important work that falls squarely on your shoulders, and with it comes additional stress.

A great way to handle this is to properly delegate work to others. Effectively delegating doesn’t mean dumping work on somebody else. It means selecting capable individuals and providing clear direction. Otherwise, delegating will give you more stress, not less.

The amount of authority you relinquish should match the skill and readiness of the person to whom you’re delegating the task. It should begin with a clear conversation between you and the employee to clarify expectations, honestly assess what the employee is ready to take on, and explain how you will remain involved. Too often, a sense of urgency causes leaders to skip this important preparation. In fact, the more urgent a project is, the more carefully planned the delegated authority must be.1

If you are going to delegate, do it right. And when you do it right, your stress declines.

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