Stress Relief Tool – Chewing Gum

Chewing gum has been clinically shown to help with stress relief in some instances.

I’ve never been a fan of someone chewing gum at work, especially if they are chewing with their mouth wide open. There is something about hearing the crackling of the gum and spit that makes me want to put my headphones on. Maybe it’s because my ex-wife chewed gum loudly every time we met during our divorce proceedings. Hmmm…

Nevertheless, chewing gum has been clinically shown to help with stress relief in some instances. Study participants who chewed gum showed significantly better alertness and reduced state anxiety, stress, and salivary cortisol, which is your body’s main stress hormone that works with your brain to help your mood.1

Just be considerate to chew your gum quietly so that it doesn’t disturb others around you.

Please note that there is no guarantee a particular stress relief tool will work for you. Thus you must take complete responsibility for using them and for your own physical and emotional wellbeing. Further, Professor Pete Alexander is not a licensed health professional. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of any stress relief technique. Medical advice must only be obtained from a physician or qualified health practitioner.

  1. Physiology & Behavior – Chewing Gum Alleviates Negative Mood And Reduces Cortisol During Acute Laboratory Psychological Stress – Volume 97, Issues 3-4, 22 June 2009, Pages 304-312

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A seasoned professional with over 35 years of Sales, Marketing, Educational and Entrepreneurial experience, Pete has battled the negative effects of stress head-on and has developed the LIGHTEN™ stress relief model that motivates his peers to better protect their health and handle challenging situations with grace and success.

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