Professor Pete Alexander

Stress Relief Speaking

Get ready for an engaging, compelling and uplifting presentation that will motivate your audience to take action!

As a meeting planner, you have a lot of responsibilities – logistics, scheduling, coordinating with contractors, promotion, travel, food and entertainment, setup and tear down, and working within a strict budget.

The audiences you serve should be grateful for the hard work you do, and I have empathy because it can be a thankless job – especially if something doesn’t go right – raising your stress level in the process.

That’s where I can help. I’m Professor Pete Alexander, and I’m a Stress Relief Expert. No matter what professional role you or your audience holds, there is going to be inherent stress involved. Using primary and secondary research, I identify the most stressful issues facing members of your organization.

And then during a customized keynote or breakout session, I highlight these issues in a heartfelt way and then facilitate a short, interactive experience to teach your attendees how to get quick and easy stress relief and avoid burnout.

It only takes a few minutes to master an effective stress relief tool, and the positive results your audiences receive will be appreciated and help you get the much-deserved recognition for organizing a successful event.

My most popular presentation titles have been the following:

  • Dead Leaders Rarely Make Their Numbers
  • How To Stop Stress From Killing You
  • The Way You Are Dealing With Stress Is All Wrong

Contact me for more information about how I can inspire you and your audience with easy to learn and effective stress relief techniques.

Western Cities Conference Presentation


“Professor Pete Alexander was a great addition to our speaker lineup. His presentation style was very effective and delegates found him personable and easy to relate to. Reduce your event planning stress and hire Professor Pete!”

Dawn McCoy

Pete Speaking Pune


“What a great performance! Pete’s witty personality and high energy engaged our audience and resulted in a standing ovation. This was not the only time I’ve seen him draw in an audience with the perfect blend of information sharing, storytelling and humor.”

Marga Ortigas-Wedekind

Pete Speaking India


“I definitely recommend booking Pete. He was by far the top rated presenter during our national sales meeting. He is skillful in crafting a motivating presentation that matched his audience’s learning styles, his delivery was very interactive and engaging, and quite motivating.”

Todd Sims