Stress Relief Coaching Results

Stress Relief Coaching Client Testimonials

I'm proud to have had a positive impact on my wonderful clients.

“The Breakthrough Session (BTS) was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I had expected most of my problems had come from my ex husband. To my great surprise, it wasn’t so much. My mother, her mother, and other relatives were most responsible. The BTS removes these hangups. I became aware that things began improving after that session but I don’t know why because I don’t remember what was there before. Like most people with diet problems, I had a handful of “trigger foods”. Pete turned me totally against those foods. And that’s all I’m going to say about that because it makes me nauseous to even write about it. Shortly into our third month of coaching, I experienced a dramatic shift in my life. Suddenly everything fell into place. My subconscious and conscious mind lined up together. All the battles of the past just slid away and all parts of me were on the same side, MY side. I became brand new with a new kind of light. I eat a restricted food plan because of the damage from inflammation but it is so easy. I’ve lost 25 pounds and I walk 3 miles every day with no pain. Pete is a genuine guy with the obvious desire to help you heal whatever you need to heal. He listens carefully to what you say and offers up guidance to help you. Pete and committed focus from you is all that’s needed to propel you on your way. I have a wonderfully delightful life and I wholeheartedly contribute all of it to Pete’s coaching.” – Vicki S.

“I have been dealing with a lot of stress due to my job and the difficult organization I work for. I was getting physical ailments such as stomach aches, and I couldn’t sleep very well. Professor Alexander suggested I go to my favorite beach and connect with the sand and ocean. I can’t believe what a difference that made in my energy! After walking barefoot on the beach for only a half hour, I went from being lethargic to full of life! I’m going to be making frequent visits to the beach now.” – Sunshine T.

“Pete is an amazing coach. The work I have done with him, both in the MER session and with my work in ACA, has allowed to create a stable, independent and relaxed environment for me to create and manifest my goals into reality. It’s been a fun journey to live my life on my terms and to let go of old, irrelevant baggage from emotionally traumatic experiences from my past. One of the key lessons I discovered from working with Pete is to discover that my main issue/problem that I struggled with was being free and independent financially from my family. Even as an adult, I was still hanging on to old burdens of dependency on family for survival when I had no reason to. And my family acted accordingly. Pete helped me see those attachments and release them so I could move forward with my life on my own terms. It’s been a fun ride and everyday feels like it’s full of possibilities.” – Mark W.

“Pete’s caring and professional ability to get to the deeper issue was efficient and inspiring. My comfort and trust in him as a coach enabled me to share easily during our breakthrough session. I feel excited and motivated to move forward with new confidence and enthusiasm knowing my goals and values are aligned making the tasks so much easier.” – Karen S.

“Professor Pete taught me healthy stress management habits. I loved that his teaching style is very casual and easy to follow. Before working with him, I struggled balancing different responsibilities and prioritizing my long to-do lists. He helped me figure out the process to evaluate and accept tasks that align with my personal values. Due to his guidance, I now spend more time enjoying the process rather than worrying about the outcome. Professor Pete is an awesome motivator and a true gift as a mentor!” – Nimreet G.

“I’m a busy marketing communications professional. I felt like I had to multitask just to keep up. However, with Pete’s help, I now realize I was getting less done and the work that was getting done often had errors. I stopped multitasking, and I now feel like I get more done by not constantly switching back and forth.” – Maria M.

“Stress can definitely add years to someone’s life. Pete taught me the self-awareness to start an end-of-day plan that has been very important to me.” – Teresa H.

“A big thank you, Pete, and appreciation for all the work done and support given within this time, which was truly stressful at times. So many great tips, so many insightful advises, and just really calming and positive conversations! Thank you so much for lighting up my life!” – Veronica G.

“Coaching with Professor Pete, my unconscious and conscious minds feel like they are in tandem now, no longer working against each other. I’m sleeping good, I smile a lot, and people are telling me I even look different. It feels like the trigger foods never even existed. I can’t really remember what some of them were and if I try to think of one of them, I still start to gag. I was trying to tell me sister about it on the phone and had to change the subject to spare her the gag reflex. It’s fantastic! What really amazes me is that I thought I was really in touch with myself already, but I have experienced a whole new level of me than ever before. Pete “fixed” the unconscious which in turn turned fixed the conscious. I relate to myself in a completely different way now.” – Magda S.

“I was three weeks out of the office. I came back to several hundred emails, and I had no idea where to start. I decided to filter my email, and I purged anything that didn’t come from my boss. I was worried I was going to get fired, but nothing happened other than I got out from my email overload. What a relief! Thank you for the idea Professor Pete!” – Veronica H.

“Yesterday, I took the first of many microbreaks. Because I took the break in between my projects, I was able to come back refreshed and focused on the next task. It’s an excellent concept that Pete recommended!” – Scott M.

“I had a mind-blowing experience when I was extremely stressed at work and Professor Alexander was able to have an MER session with me over the phone. I realized that it all was triggered by my childhood experiences and throughout the breakthrough session I was able to release that. He also taught me techniques that help me in my everyday life. Amazing!” – Olga S.

“I used to check my emails during family outings and not being present. After Pete recommended detoxing from technology, I now intentionally leave my phone in the car. That way I stay in the present and enjoy important moments.” – Gary L.

“I was recently promoted and felt like I was going to disappoint my boss. By doing a MER (Mental and Emotional Release) session with Professor Alexander, I realized that my fear was rooted in my childhood experiences with my father. After the release work we did, I now feel confident and successful at my job.” – Steven B.

“I felt miserable and unappreciated at my job, constantly micromanaged by my boss. I wanted to leave but felt responsible for my family. By asking myself what my reaction would be if my boss fired me today, I actually felt relieved and free. I decided to leave that job, and now I am making six figures working for myself. Thank you Professor Pete for your guidance!” – Aaron S

“I am passionate about fishing and was always dreaming about building a fishing retreat. After writing down the challenges and the financial cost, I worked with Pete on my SMART goals and created a plan to make it work. After three years of preparation and planning, I was able to fulfill my dream and my fishing resort became a reality.” Yuri G.

“When I feel stressed at work, Professor Pete taught me to close my eyes and imagine that I am back home in Puerto Rico. I can hear the whisper of the waves. I can feel soft sand under my feet. After one minute I always feel refreshed.” – Yaritza S.

“Our credit card bills were sky rocketing, and it was very stressful. Pete suggested using a financial budgeting app, and I was able to see how much I was overspending on my frequent trips to Starbucks.” – Valorie P.

“I fly for business often, and I used to get stressed about flying. Professor Pete taught me not to try to control the uncontrollable, and now I don’t worry anymore. The only things I can control on the plane is the good music in my headphones and refreshing drinks.” – John B.

“I am a hypochondriac and am constantly worried about getting sick before vacation. The more I worried, the sicker I would feel, making me stress even more. Professor Pete had me play fact or fiction, which helped me to let go of my anxiety and I now feel better even when I’m not on vacation!” – Peter P.

“I have a hard time making decisions. Professor Pete introduced me to my pendulum – which is now my go-to tool. I use it to make big decisions, like whether to leave my job, and everyday decisions, like what to wear when I go out on a date. It’s crazy, but it’s never failed to lead me to the right decision.” – Alice C.

“When I started working with Professor Alexander, I placed positive sticky notes with affirmations on the edge of my bathroom mirror. It has helped me to love myself and to start the day with a positive start.” – Chris A.

“I have lots of guilt about not being fully present as I was raising my son. Writing him letters helped me to forgive myself and to move forward. Thank you for the wonderful suggestion Professor Pete!” – Doris M.

“I got an unexpected tax bill and was worried about how I was going to find the money to pay for it. Then I saw Dr. Alexander’s blog post about this laughter technique and decided to give it a try. I couldn’t believe how well it worked to calm my fears and help me get a clear head about how I was going to handle this bill.” – Debbie B.

“Professor Pete suggested using a pull-up bar to stretch my lower back when it got stiff. Now I use it to stretch my whole body and de-stress after a long day at work.” – Igor T.

“I used to listen to my coworkers gossiping, and the negative energy of that always made me feel depressed. With Pete’s support, I now just walk away, and I feel so much happier!” – Linda C.

“Working with Pete I discovered that I love hiking, and I love meeting new people and making friends. Joining a hiking group makes my life more fun and fulfilling. I even found my true love in one of the groups. It was like we dated 100 times on scheduled hikes before actually going out together as a couple for the first time.” – Ed K.


Please note that there is no guarantee a particular stress relief tool will work for you. Thus you must take complete responsibility for using them and for your own physical and emotional wellbeing. Further, Professor Pete Alexander is not a licensed health professional. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of any stress relief technique. Medical advice must only be obtained from a physician or qualified health practitioner.