Stress Relief 30 Day Challenge

Easily learn stress relief habits to better protect your health and handle challenging situations with grace.

“Oh My! This App enhanced program is the best daily interactive fun ride ever. It’s unique, special, and transforming. It’s changing my mindset programming, feelings, behaviors, and habits like never before. Being in an extensive 30-day program, I know it’ll change how I deal with stress. Changing habits take time and combatting stress is a lifetime commitment. Now, I have a fighting chance.” – Joon Chang

Are you ready to rise above your negative stress? The Stress-Buster 30 Day Challenge is a revolutionary, engaging and fun way to de-stress your life in just a few minutes per day. Completely online from the convenience of your phone and/or computer, this unique program provides you with:

  • A powerful way to form new habits for tackling negative stress effectively in all areas of your life
  • Daily inspirations, weekly activities and coaching directly from me to ensure your success
  • An online community of like-minded and supportive people who are all looking to reduce their stress and develop healthy new habits alongside you
  • FUN! You will be gaining points on completed actions and could even win some pretty cool prizes, including a free book or a private coaching session!

After completing my Stress-Buster 30-Day Challenge, you will learn to better protect your health and handle challenging situations with grace. All this for the affordable price of only $99.

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