Media Coverage
I am grateful for the opportunity to be featured in the following media outlets.

Professor Pete Alexander is the host of The Winning At Business And Life Podcast where business leaders  share their insights. It is 6 questions in 7 minutes or less because successful business leaders are busy and rarely have more time to spare. Episodes started publishing three times per week in February 2020. You can see published episodes on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube and/or listen to them on iTunes or Podbeam. Note that you need a free account set up to view them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Professor Pete has also been featured in the following media outlets:

  • Injoy Success Podcast – Host Jeff Baietto and Professor Pete dive into bending stress to be a boon rather than an obstacle, the different kinds of stress, and much more. Listen on iTunes or Spotify.
  • Crafting A Meaningful Life Podcast – Mary Crafts and Professor Pete discuss good stress, bad stress and several quick an easy tools to help you de-stress.
  • PressPlay Lifestyle Inspired Podcast – Professor Pete and Jackie Schwabe have a conversation about stress and what you can do to minimize the harm stress can have on our minds and bodies.
  • Unstuck Institute Podcast – Professor Pete shares easy steps entrepreneurs can take to reduce their stress.
  • Project Help You Grow Podcast – Professor Pete answers three questions on this 8-minute podcast, including providing an effective technique you can use as you are interviewing for a new position.
  • Real Double Dose Channel – Professor Pete discusses what you can do to reduce your stress during these crazy times we live in.
  • The Pirate Broadcast – Professor Pete and Russ Johns have an informative conversation about the best ways of dealing with stress during the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Excellent Decisions – Professor Pete discusses his remarkable story of almost ending up in a coma from stress and pressure and what he learned about effective ways of handling the incredible stress and pressure of today’s world.
  • Mind, Money and Body Podcast – Professor Pete provides actionable tips for having mental, financial and physical well-being.
  • Savvy Broadcasting – Professor Pete shares valuable stress relief tips and tools for Savvy listeners’ hectic lives.
  • Adelaide Entrepreneur Club Podcast – Professor Pete talks about his journey with stress and provides several techniques listeners can apply right away to relieve their stress.
  • LinkedIn Editor’s Pick – I am grateful and humbled that LinkedIn selected my January 15, 2020 stress relief video tip as an Editor’s Pick.
  • Get Published – Professor Pete shares the importance of connecting with podcast hosts and other insights in publishing a successful book. 
  • Never Ever Give Up Hope – Podcast host Carol Graham and Professor Pete provide listeners with some fast, effective tools to help deal with stress in all phases of our lives.
  • The Male Perspective – Podcast host Lana Reid sits down with Professor Pete to discuss the health consequences of stress and some ways we can ease it from our lives.
  • The Author Confidential – This podcast conversation takes you on a journey through Professor Pete’s story, the story of Ken, his best friend, and a few of the techniques in his book. Pete’s story is poignant, and also serves as a warning to not ignore what your body is telling you about stress.
  • The Mike Wagner Show – Podcast interview with Professor Pete on methods for fast, easy and effective stress relief.
  • Transform U – Podcast interview with Professor Pete on dealing with stress effectively.
  • As We Get Older – Podcast interview with Professor Pete on what middle-aged individuals can do about handling their everyday stress.
  • More Than A Few Words – Podcast interview with Professor Pete on what small business owners can do to effectively deal with their stress.
  • The Authors Show – Podcast interview about Professor Pete’s book LIGHTEN Your Day.
  • I Love Unique Books – Editorial review of Professor Pete’s book LIGHTEN Your Day.
  • NonFiction Writers Association – Professor Pete is the featured writer of the week.
  • CreateWriteNow – Professor Pete’s featured blog on the benefits of journaling for stress relief.