Guest Post: Pandemic Reset – Life Changes for Good

It's well worth taking steps to get stress under control to enjoy better relationships, increased productivity, and better health.

Like almost everyone, you’re probably coming through a period of profound disruption. The pandemic has led to a great deal of change in people’s lives — some of it mandated by public health measures, and some of it motivated by wanting to cope better with stress. It may be a moment to figure out daily routines that make sense for you and your family, and to finally realize a few dreams.

Strive for Personal Well-Being

One of the most important lessons of the pandemic is that personal health and well-being are everything. Many people with traditional jobs live with crazy amounts of stress. Add in a family to care for and a pandemic, and it’s obvious that a fundamental shift is needed as continuous extreme stress can impact your health significantly.

Real change may require reduced work hours, getting a new profession, or staying remote rather than returning to the office. Stress can also be reduced using methods such as exercise and following a balanced diet free of junk and excess calories.

Improve Your Home Environment

Lockdowns and quarantines forced many to re-think their living spaces and how to better equip them for hosting school, work, and recreation under one roof. Setting aside an area to practice yoga or meditation, or dedicating a calm and organized space in which to work, can do wonders for your productivity and state of mind. Declutter, and stick with a calming color palette and comfortable furniture for best results.

Formalize Side Hustles and Hobbies

You know what you love doing. So, why not make a living at it? Starting your own business can be stressful, but if it’s simply formalizing a lucrative side hustle or hobby, this can be a good kind of stress that helps you grow as a person. Best of all, you set the terms for how your business is run. There are lots of DIY resources to help you get started.

Marketing your new business can be as simple as designing and printing a memorable business card using a handy free business card maker. Add your own text, images, fonts, and colors. Then, establish a digital presence by posting about your business on social media. That way, you’re promoting your new endeavor in the physical and the virtual world at a pace you can manage.

Don’t Forget the Outside World

When your life, your most important relationships, and your work are all contained within your home, it can be easy to forget the world outside your front door. But it’s important for mental health reasons to continue connecting with friends and pursuing fun activities. Go for a walk, meet a friend for coffee, or attend a play or concert — these types of activities can reduce stress, prevent burnout, restore perspective, and enhance a sense of security once you get back home.

Tips and Tricks To Beat Stress

Wrangling stress is a lifelong challenge for many, and can become more acute in times of crisis. It’s well worth taking steps to get stress under control to enjoy better relationships, increased productivity, and better health. Check out these additional ideas for helping you manage your stress better.

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