Guest Post – How to Keep the Peace When You’re in Isolation With the Family

Strategies for Harmonious Living During the Pandemic.

If you’ve been stuck at home with your family since the start of the pandemic, it’s likely that the novelty has worn thin by now. Tension can grow from boredom and the prevalent stress of this difficult time, which can result in a less than harmonious time in isolation. However, there are some foolproof ways to maintain the peace at home, so this rare time spent with family not only goes by faster, but also one that you will truly enjoy. Consider the following.

Switch on the tech.

It’s no secret that kids are quite taken with technology. However, studies show that excessive screen time can have negative effects on children’s overall development and may even result in attention deficit and learning disorders. Still, gadgets can be the busy and frazzled parent’s best ally in keeping their bored kids occupied for hours on end. If only there was a middle ground!

Luckily, tech has also been found to be a vital learning tool for kids when used mindfully and in moderation. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s a must to set healthy guidelines on tech use to ensure that children and teenagers are truly benefiting from it. This entails establishing reasonable limits and rules, as well as time without technology.

Parents should also be more involved in the kind of digital content that kids are consuming and playing with. It’s wise for families to do positive things together online, such as gaming. Multiplayer internet games like Fortnite are great for the entire family. However, you do want to make sure that the time you’ve set aside for tech is well-utilized by making sure that your laptop can keep up with the games. Additionally, ensure that your internet connection can handle the load. Look to providers like Verizon as they might offer fiber optic internet in your area, which is particularly robust for gaming, as well as for learning and working.

Spend time in nature.

Cabin fever is unquestionably among the main sources of tension for home-bound families. After months of isolation, you’ve probably had enough. But even with the continued threat of the coronavirus, you and your family can start to enjoy the world again, as long as you ease into it and take precautions.

The great outdoors is, by far, the safest place you can be in right now, with the exception of your home. It will definitely do your family a load of good to get outdoors, be it a day at a nearby park or your backyard, or even a beach or camping trip. This isn’t just a way to escape the tension of home, too. Rather, it’s a wonderful way to combat nature deficit disorder, reduce stress, and boost your family’s immune system.

Self-care and chill.

Finally, don’t forget to allow yourself much-needed relaxation time. This way, you can keep your stress levels at bay, which, in turn, can help you manage household tensions better. This can be as simple as carving out some time for movement like yoga or pilates sessions, a meditation practice, or anything that floats your boat.

Also, take some time to assess your home. Does there seem to be an abundance of negative energy? If it feels like your home could use a breath of fresh air, enlist everyone to declutter, organize and clean up your space so that it can remain the welcoming refuge it needs to be right now. Order and tidiness can go a long way toward helping everyone feel more comfortable.

In conclusion, getting to stay home with your family is a rare gift, so don’t let tension and boredom ruin it. So make smart use of technology and spend quality time together inside and outdoors, but don’t lose sight of your own needs in the process. This is how you make this unique moment truly count.

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