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Guest Post – Be Happy And Have Less Stress By Cleaning Your Energy

As you go about your life talking and interacting with people it is natural to exchange energy with them.

The Benefits of Cleaning your energy:

  • Be Happy and have less stress
  • Stop feeling drained, which can lead to ill heath.
  • Have more Vitality

For as long as I can remember I have been able to feel other people’s energy – I can feel what they are thinking and I have a very high sense of what is happening in their lives.

Why you need to clean your energy?

As you go about your life talking and interacting with people it is natural to exchange energy with them. Which can be a wonderful experience like when you are having a laugh or being intimate.  Or it can be horrible like when you are having an argument or when you do not like a person.

It is natural for us to have and ‘carry’ a lot of our families energy. This often leads us to believing, thinking, feeling and acting in ways that are not good for us or do not serve us.

If you have never cleaned your energy before, you can imagine how much of other people’s energy you have in your body and energy field.  It is just the same as if you had never cleaned your hands before!

Have fun doing this exercise.

If you have never worked with your energy before, do not worry this is a great first exercise as it is playful and fun.

The purpose of this exercise is to clean all your energy – the energy that is inside your body and the energy in your energy field – of any emotions, thoughts, beliefs that are not yours and those that do not serve you any longer.

When doing this exercise have a sense of mystery and wonder and an open sense of curiosity – be open to what happens. Know that you are safe as your unconscious mind and higher self are taking care of you – you will only release what you are ready to let go off and you will keep what you need, – so don’t worry.

In energy exercises we often use symbols to represent things, because we need to access the unconscious mind and the unconscious mind works using symbols and metaphors.

The symbols we will use in this exercise are:

  • A lake – because everyone uses water to cleanse themselves (please refer to the image above if you don’t have a lake in mind).
  • A magnet – most people remember the wonder they experienced when they first saw the power of a magnet.
  • A Golden Ball of Energy – the reason we use a Golden Ball is that golden energy is neutral.

It is OK if you see, feel, sense or imagine things leaving you and your energy returning to you – it all works.

Have fun and play.

Magnet in the Lake exercise.

  • Have fun with this exercise, pretend you are a five-year-old and this will be very simple to do.
  • Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and arms and legs uncrossed.  Take 2 to 3 deep breaths and allow your muscles to relax.
  • Close your eyes and imagine a lake.  Make the image as vivid as possible, what are the surroundings like?  What color is the water?
  • Imagine that in the deepest part of the lake there is a powerful magnet.
  • Allow the magnet to gently draw out of you anything that you no longer need i.e. negative beliefs, old programming, emotions, limiting beliefs and other people’s energy.
  • Trust that your unconscious mind will only release what is not of benefit to you.
  • Whilst this is happening you may feel, see or hear things leaving you.
  • Remember to have fun – you can imagine cartoon characters pulling the negativity out of you.
  • If you do not sense anything, imagine that that you’re removing whatever is blocking you from releasing the negative energy.
  • If you still seem blocked remove what is blocking the block.
  • If you still feel stuck remove the block that’s blocking the block that’s blocking the block!
  • Now let the magnet do its work.
  • You may now like to scan your body from your feet up to your head, allowing the magnet to draw any residue energy left in your body into the lake.
  • You are in charge of the intensity of the magnet; you can turn it up or down; knowing that you can stop the magnet at any time you wish.
  • When you feel you are finished, dissolve the image of the magnet and lake.  Some people like to explode the image into tiny pieces that disappear into the air, while other people send their image deep into the earth.
  • When the image is gone, imagine a golden ball of positive energy hovering above you.
  • Imagine that the golden ball is growing and sparkling with positive healing energy.
  • Now allow the golden energy to enter your body and infuse every cell, filling up any gaps that are left from releasing into the lake with golden neutral energy.
  • Then allow the golden energy to heal your body.
  • Now allow the golden energy to enter your energy field, filling any gaps and healing you.
  • At the end of the exercise, relax for a while.

About The Author:

Fiona Maguire BSc (Hons) is an Intuitive Transformational Coach,  Author and creator of  “The Key to Awareness”™ process.  Fiona has a background working as an assistant Psychologist for the NHS and a Community Out Reach worker for Social Services.  As an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) herself she specialise in helping Empaths and HSP’s Break Out of feeling a victim of energy and being sensitive and embrace their sensitivity as the gift it is. She can be reached at

Please note that there is no guarantee a particular stress relief tool will work for you. Thus you must take complete responsibility for using them and for your own physical and emotional wellbeing. Further, Professor Pete Alexander is not a licensed health professional. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of any stress relief technique. Medical advice must only be obtained from a physician or qualified health practitioner.

Posted by Professor Pete Alexander

A seasoned professional with over 35 years of Sales, Marketing, Educational and Entrepreneurial experience, Pete has battled the negative effects of stress head-on and has developed the LIGHTEN™ stress relief model that motivates his peers to better protect their health and handle challenging situations with grace and success.

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